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lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2009

Pet Shop Boys - We're The Pet Shop Boys (Alpha Megamix 2009)

Comparto con Ustedes este Megamix con los mejores temas de la legendaria banda PET SHOP BOYS. En ella se incluyen temas de su último álbum YES así como de toda su discografía.

NOTA: Puedes escuchar este Megamix en el Player incorporado en mi blog.

(Dar Clic Derecho del Mouse y dar “Guardar Destino Como…”)

Versión Normal (88m52s)

Versión Edit (79m)

01. Love Etc
02. Can You Forgive Her
03. Pandemonium
04. The Way It Used To Be
05. You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk
06. Vulnerable
07. Rent
08. Shopping
09. Minimal
10. The Theatre
11. Beautiful People
12. I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing
13. Did You See Me Coming
14. A Different Point Of View
15. More Than A Dream
16. Shameless
17. One In A Million
18. Building A Wall
19. Left To My Own Devices
20. Always On My Mind
21. Paninaro
22. Go West
23. Opportunities
24. What Have I Done To Deserve This
25. Domino Dancing
26. I'm With Stupid
27. Being Boring
28. It's A Sin
29. All Over The World
30. Dreaming Of The Queen
31. To Speak Is A Sin
32. Liberation
33. This Used To Be The Future (with Philip Oakey)
34. Miracles
35. Alone Again (Naturally)(with Elton John)
36. We're The Pet Shop Boys

2 comentarios:

VB1967 dijo...

Thank you, DJ Carlus for posting this great megamix by DJ Oren Amram :)

Just for the record, DJ Oren Amram awarded this megamix to the Pet Shop Boys themselves on their press conference in Israel (19-July-2009). Here it is:

And this is his Pet Shop Boys Forum (in Hebrew)

Oren dijo...

Hello DJ Carlos!
Thanx for posting my megamix on your site!
I have lots of Mixes to share if you want...